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Why the Name 42 Restaurants?

Many people ask us why we decided to name the application 42 Restaurants and contrary to references to Douglas Adams’s books: The Restaurant At the End of the Universe and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We did not take the answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything: 42 and Milliways and use it as a reference to our application.

The application is so named because when the concept for it was created, we needed to work out the minimum number of recipes/restaurants we would need to feature to provide value to our users. 42 seemed a sufficient number and so the name stuck.

We did try working with other names, such as the Skilled Skillet, but it was hard to imagine our application being called anything else.

Once we started approaching restaurants we realized we would encounter a different problem. That of numbers. We had such a good response that we knew we could not release only 42. In fact the initial release will feature just under 50 with more to come in subsequent updates.

Of course quality not quantity is key and we have included the best of the best for the launch.

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