42 Restaurants: The Work Behind the Application

42 Restaurants Recipe Flow View

As a special introductory offer, 42 Restaurants currently sells for $6.99.
From 7 July it will cost $8.99.

Yes, the price is a bit higher than many other apps in the app store, but what people don’t realise is the amount of work that has gone into this application. 6 months and literally thousands of restaurants were researched, reviewed and contacted.

Once we had chosen our initial group of restaurants, we had to make sure they had supplied all the required information. e.g. photos, logos, legible recipes. Some recipes even had to be translated into English from French, Italian and German.

Our designers then got to work on designing each restaurant’s pages and formatting it for the phone. Since each design in the application is different this became quite a long process. Once the designs were completed, the restaurants were then contacted for their approval of their designs.

Programming the application was probably the smallest amount of work, but even that took 2 programmers 2 months to complete.

We are planning on adding more recipes and improving some of the performance aspects of the application. We are also tweaking the User Interface a lot to make it more robust. All of this will get released in the next or subsequent update, and will be available to new as well as current users.

This is what some of the people who bought the app think:

“A beautiful coffee table book on my iPhone!”
“Beautiful AND Useful”
“Totally blown away by the design of this application”
“This app allows you to learn about the restaurant, chef, food, etc all while providing the most stunning photography of the food and restaurant”
“A must have for all food lovers, and for that matter, anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.”

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42 Restaurants is an iPhone application for home gourmets, fine diners and lovers of amazing restaurants and food. Check out our application in the App Store now.
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